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Power Factor One brings true Surge Protection to the South African market with the

PFO: Surge Shield.

PFO: Surge Shield Units have also assisted homes and businesses to lower their electricity bills by up to 30%


At Power Factor One, we understand that the products we've installed yesterday will have a massive impact in the bottom-line of local & international businesses, including the natural environment, tomorrow.


This is why we strive to ensure our work reflects the highest standards possible, today.


We’re a team of multi-disciplined professionals working hard to improve the way communities can protect their homes and businesses against devastating power surges while conserving energy.


Our energy solution caters for all clients individually with high quality, SABS approved units, exceptional service levels and a robust support structure.



What does a Power Factor One: Surge Shield do?

The Power Factor One: Surge Shield stabilizes the voltage and current fluctuations in a building while ensuring very little electricity goes to waste.

PFO: Surge Shields will protect your home or business against powerful electric events such as Load Shedding, Lightning Strikes or unseen surges that occor every day.


With high quality Capacitor Banks rated at 100 Amps to 375 Amps each, the Power Factor One: Surge Shield will also recover up to 30% on electricity bills as well as prolong the lifespan of electronic appliances through the application of Power Factor Correction.

All parts used in the manufacture of the Power Factor One: Surge Shield are imported from Germany and SABS approved.

All PFO: Surge Shield units have an expected life-cycle of 10 to 15 years*


*Fair Usage Applies




Complete Surge Protection

Engineered with high quaility capacitors, the PFO: Surge Shield automatically protects your home and business against unseen power surges and energy spikes. The PFO: Surge Shield will take the hit, not your pocket.


Extend the life of appliances

The PFO: Surge Shield stabilizes electricity flow and therefore the fluctuating demand on your appliances.

This ensures a longer life for everything electric.


Correct Power Factor

Power Factor Correction significantly reduces energy wastage and will correct the flow of electricity on any circuit, increasing energy efficiency

by up to 30%.




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